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Hayley's Thoughts.


My name is Hayley, I'm 17 years old from London.

I'm currently in my first year of college and unfortunately that means I don't have as much time to read as I usually do.

I don't have a specific genre that I call my favourite but I enjoy YA and I enjoy a good classic! 



High Rise (Flamingo Modern Classic)

High-Rise - J.G. Ballard hmmm how do I word this..

Okay, well first off the premise is incredibly unique and I loved that.

I liked that we had perspectives of the higher, middle and lower floor 'representatives' - I guess would be an appropriate title.

But my god the writing style was BLUNT AS FUCK.

Like 'lol ok this woman is casually feeding her wrist to a cat'


(ok, not exactly what Ballard said but think that just well written. Sometime I'd have to reread a line because it was just so ordinary that this was happening).)